Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

image of a runner Astounding improvements in a man’s sense of mental well-being and improvements in health can occur with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy! Many drugs that treat illness are not natural and cause damage to the human body. Because Bio-identical Hormones are natural they prevent illness, they bring healthy changes that are biologically correct, and don’t just cause a temporary synthetic change in symptoms. Bio-identical Hormone Treatments replace what is missing in men, and similar to healthy food, it gives the body what it needs!

Starting around age 30 men begin to have a decline in testosterone production, growth hormone release and decline in the levels of the fat-burning hormone from the thyroid gland. Around this age, hormone declines rarely correct by themselves, and medical help from an experienced physician like Dr. Connine is needed. The decline of your hormones can be accelerated by stress, lack of exercise, several illnesses, a poor diet, environmental factors, chemical exposure, lack of sleep, or alcohol, smoking, drugs or use of drugs illicitly, and poor nutrition.

Balding of the scalp, weight gain, or sexual dysfunction can be a direct result of even a slight decrease in any of hormones like testosterone, growth hormone or thyroid. The drop of hormones in men is known as andropause. Dr. Co9 uses the analogy of comparing cylinders in a car to each hormone in the body. Thinking of each hormone as a cylinder in the engine of a car- if one of the cylinders is not functioning properly, not only are the other cylinders wearing-out quicker, but the entire engine is not working well and all the parts are being hurt. The same is true for each hormone (or cylinder in this comparison); when one hormone is not working well, the rest of the hormones are being hurt and so is the rest of the body (or engine)!

weight gain due to male hormones Male hormones are responsible for sexual and reproductive functions, metabolic activities, bone density, and emotional health. When these hormones are not produced in adequate amounts, men may notice that they have mood swings which can consist of increased anxiety, depression, anger, nervousness and that they have put on a ring of body fat around their waistline. Working-out may not yield the same results as it used to, and men can notice they have an overall lack of motivation or passion for life. Decrease in hormones in men can also cause the symptoms of decrease in sex drive and difficulties with penile erections. The Bio-identical Hormone treatments Dr. Co9 provides can eliminate or reduce most of these symptoms! In addition, Dr. Co9 can also offer both conventional and his unique Integrative Medicine approaches. Although most men simply believe these symptoms are all part of ageing, what they don’t know is that they are really caused from hormonal decreases and replacement of the hormones can make them feel well again.

Below is a partial list of just some of the benefits that Bio-identical hormones can produce:

Healthy Emotions

Hormones affect brain chemistry, and when they are out of balance, moods such as anger, resentment, irritability, anxiety, or nervousness can occur. Hormones also affect the heart, which can cause mood related heart palpitations and anxiety. Balanced hormones can help put an end to “mood roller coasters”.

Regular Sleep

Bio-identical hormone treatment can regulate sleeping patterns by correcting the imbalance of hormones that are disruptive to restorative, deep sleep. Before treatment, imbalanced hormones cause the hypothalamus, which is responsible for setting the body’s sleep cycles, to set irregular sleeping patterns. If hormones are not properly balanced, men can experience trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up multiple times at night, and waking up early in the morning and being unable to fall back asleep.

Increased Libido

Testosterone is responsible for maintaining libido and sexual function, and when it is deficient, libido can deteriorate. When this first begins to happen, men may notice a lack of desire or interest in life or activities in general, and after time, all of the sex drive can disappear. Bio-identical testosterone can improve mood, libido and reignite sexual passion.

Improved Erectile Function

Sexual function is directly related to healthy amounts of testosterone, and when it is deficient, erectile dysfunction can occur. Men may notice that they no longer experience involuntary morning erections, and then, they can become unable to feel aroused. Bio-identical hormones can help to reduce erectile dysfunction.

Increased Muscle Mass

Muscle atrophy can result from a decrease of testosterone, due to the hormone’s role in building muscle. During andropause, most men lose around 12-15 pounds of muscle mass. This is because testosterone helps the red blood cells to produce and build muscle tissue, and when it is deficient, the body cannot adequately build muscle. Bio-identical hormones can restore hormones and increase muscle mass.

Reduced Body Fat

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement can help decrease body fat. In andropause, extra body fat can begin to collect around the waistline as a result of hormonal decline. This can occur because decreased muscle mass burns away less fat and reduces metabolism. When the body’s metabolic processes slow down, the body burns energy more slowly which can cause the body to accumulate more fat.

In summary, Dr. Connine’s Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help men going through andropause and the symptoms of hormone decline. Men receiving treatment experience the positive changes of balance. Men receiving treatment often report that they feeling as good as they did in the 20’s and 30’s due to bio-identical hormone supplementation. Bio-identical hormones can greatly improve health and wellness in men experiencing hormone related issues.

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